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Virginia is one of the artists that I seemed to have a special connection with her that went back to 1998.  I wanted to send this picture for the page as it is a wonderful one of her.  I always loved this lady, and I will miss her very much.


She was a woman who loved and lived life. Who rides snowmobile and motor cycles in their Autumn years, well Virginia did.  Also her love of art in many media's was her expertise. Her jewelry making, paintings and photography were awesome.  Thanks for the memories Virginia fondly 


Teresa Lousias

I only knew Virginia Horvath for the last 8 years or so and after hearing about her early life from her daughter and son, I wish I had known the younger Ginnie.  At her memorial service I heard about her early years racing cars to support her children and patrolling the Detroit River as a Coast Guard member on the lookout for bootleggers.  I heard about her finding a job with Ford Motor Company and issuing the first payroll check with Henry Ford standing at her shoulder.  I learned that she received her private pilot’s license and rode one of the mules down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  After taking a jewelry class, she and a friend hunted for stones that she then cut into elements for her original designs.  More recently, she enjoyed riding on the back of her son’s motorcycle and traveling to Alaska.  All this as she raised two children as a single parent.  She lived a truly full life! 


Janet Konziela

Words I feel best descibe Virginia as I knew her: are Tenatious, Determined, & Joyful
We first met when I was teaching on the third floor Gallery of Dearborn City Hall

She came with photos of whirling durvishes,  determined to execute a watercolor of this rather difficult subject matter

Her persistence, paid off as she kept at it with as much enthusiasm from the first try to the last.  I do not have any idea how many came in between:

but it paid off for her, & she was satisfied with the final results.  It seemed as if she enjoyed getting there almost more than  the finished product. 

Janus Benda

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