April Distance Challenge


21 member participated. 28 members voted.

1st place - #1 - Christine Panyard

2nd place - #4 - Theresa Lannen

3rd place - #11 - Elena Adam

Thanks to all who made this happen in the time of isolation! Keep creating!



 "The picture was taken in front of Prince Albert Hall in Jaipur, built to impress Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's consort, when he visited India.  I happened upon a photo shoot of a couple running through pigeons.  People purchase feed from women who sit around the Hall and so it draws an incredible number of birds.  They did many run throughs and this was the best shot I was able to capture.  The birds were in mid flight and you could feel their movement as well as the movement of the young couple. I felt it really captured the theme for April..." 

Photo. Original print - 8x10"



"The title is “Village Windmill” and is a timed exposure that allowed the fast-moving clouds to blur.  It’s also worth noting that the night I took this photo it was around -30 with the windchill!.."

Photo. Original print - 24x20"



"These photos are reflections in my car windshield of trees dancing in the wind on a blustery day in late fall/early winter.  My car was parked in my mom’s driveway and as I walked over to it, I noticed the cool reflections and started shooting..."

Photo collage.

Original print - 12x12"


Stone carving. Approximate size - 18" tall on a 8x10" base.


"The title is “Resurrection “. This was my first attempt at stone carving. I was given a odd shaped piece of alabaster with a very small base at a workshop in Vermont, but it balanced on its small base, and this figure seem to work itself out of the original piece of rough stone..."



"The Manatee swim into the warm waters that this Power Plant creates when the Gulf of Mexico is cold in the winter. You can see the steam from the plant for miles in Florida..."

Photo.  Original print - 8x10"



"The title is "Come Dancing".

The dancer is celebrating the day, expressing his enjoyment with the movement and enjoying the scent of the flowers blooming on the tree behind him..." 

Original - 10x14", mixed media on watercolor paper.


"As a child I would sometimes sit for hours in the grass by the butterfly bush, intently observing the bumblings of bees and butterfly wings lazily opening and closing as they supped on nectar, the dust on their wings shimmering softly in the sunlight. The most mesmerizing creatures were the hummingbirds. I was fascinated by how they could change position instantly and then flash away so fast to who knew where, and then back again for more. I'm so grateful that Dad passed along his love of nature.


So when a challenge put forth by ASD was to do something involving motion, I immediately thought of a hummingbird. "Hummer" is a Rufous, not so flashy as the Ruby-Throated, emerald-winged creatures I remember, but there's often great beauty in things that only seem plain..."


Original - oil on 2" deep panel, 18x24"



"The title is "Dreaming of Mermaid".


That night I was sitting and watching the waves of sand dune and clouds moving in the sky, when I saw this graceful mermaid floating in the clouds. So I painted it from the memory of that night with the pink moon in the sky..."

Original - oil on canvas, 16x20"



 "It's called "The Drummer of Eastern Market"..."

I was excited to share this painting for the MOTION challenge, thinking it was a unique perspective on the topic. If you look closely, you can see the movement of the drummer’s gloved hand, in addition to his drum stick. Photo reference for this painting was provided by Tim Tonachella. I have since returned to take my own set of photographs of this Eastern Market icon. Detroit drummer, Efey, keeps shoppers at Eastern Market coming back time after time. This framed acrylic piece is 28x22 and part of a series of paintings I did called Detroit musicians..." 

Original - acrylics on wrapped canvas



"The title of my work is "Pirouette".

When I was first thinking of motion I thought of sports, specifically 'real football' (soccer).  But I'd done a lot of that when my son was playing.  Then I thought of dancing, trying many sketches of rock-n-roll dances like jitterbug.  Then I saw a ballet dancer and her arm position in a pirouette.  Bingo!  I added a flowing gown that took a long time and lots of erasing to accomplish..."

Original - 8x10" colored pencils and ink on paper.



The title is "Joy in Motion".


There is no better illustration of joy than a Scottish terrier running free.


I tried to give more motion and energy to the painting using only the palette knife and the piece of cloth. No brushes. My goal was to show few vectors of motion - the wave, the dog, the sand and the light..."

Original - oil on canvas, 18x24"



"This is "Early Morning Breakers".


  I was staying at a cottage on Lake Ontario last summer and there was a storm at night. Early in the morning my daughter and I walked down to admire the gorgeous blowing clouds and  waves breaking on the rocks. Painting this brought it all right back to me..."

Original - 12x18" pastel



"Procreate cartoon inspired by neighborhood walk..."

Digital art



"Painted from a photo I took on a whale watch in Maui Hawaii..."

Original - 16x20" oil on canvas.



"Nothing in this image is moving.  But it does pull the eye through it though and I'm hoping that that counts as "Motion"..."



Photo. Original print - 8x24"

Our new member BARBARA CAUDILLO. Welcome to the club!

" The photo was taken on the Katchimak Bay in Alaska from a water taxi with Mt Iliumna in the background..."



"Title:  Flowers and Rain


Medium:  GIF animation


Size:  10x13 inches


I am just finishing a class in Photoshop at Henry Ford College.  With the instruction from this class, here's my beginner's effort to make a frame animation using Photoshop.  All of the drawing was done by me using the Photoshop tools.  This could definitely fit into our ASD challenge of trying a new medium!.."

Digital art.



" The title is "Celebrate".

In this acrylic painting I used both acrylic paint for background and her body but also incorporated a technique that is easily achieved by using acrylic ink. The ink is applied in drops in specific areas such as the dress and the hair;  then by blowing into a straw I direct the ink to flow, however; I do not have control of what the results will be; (i.e., how the colors will merge together and/or where the spiraled hues will form.) The results create spirals for her dress and secondary and tertiary colors for her hair. This technique gives the illusion the woman's hair is flowing behind her and her dress has wrapped around her body flapping behind her as she dances. Since the focal point of this piece is motion emphasized in colors, I purposely chose not to paint the woman in a realism style so as not to deflect from the focal point..."

Original - 16x20", acrylic paint and acrylic ink on canvas.









"Little movement while photographing this old cash register in the basement of Frank Collins Beauty Salon, photo was taken a week before we sheltered..."

Photo. Original print - 8x10"




"The new reality of Quarantine requires that we reflect upon our lives. This quarantine has given us the time to search ourselves for the next goal. It has turned our lives upside down which may mean turning it right side up. The one thing that we want to do is connect.  How we connect is up to you -social media—painting -talking to other people—or social distancing in person but the one thing that we all want to do is connect..." 

Original - 10x26", mixed media on canvas.



"These are the two dogs I inherited from my aunt. They are high-energy dogs and run in circles when it's dinner time. Taco and Tina are in constant motion, hence the play on words, per pet-ual (perpetual) motion..."

Photo. Original print - 10x15"


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