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 Live challenges

Our live challenges usually are the part of artists' meeting. Artists bring one piece that answers the theme, and after anonymous voting we have a winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place). The participants and winners get participation points. Then we discuss every work. 

ASD in-person Monthly Challenge Voting

Several times a year the ASD has a Monthly Challenge where we are given a theme, such as “Complementary Colors” or “Around Dearborn”, to interpret. 

The artwork is brought to the meeting for that month to be voted on for best representation of the theme.


Any artist may submit one Challenge piece per Challenge and vote.

                Each piece is checked in by the Monthly Challenges volunteer and given a number (so that the art remains as anonymous as possible) as close to the beginning of the meeting. The artworks are displayed during the meeting, usually in the back of the room so everyone can look at them. The piece’s number is displayed on or near the artwork.

           Artists receive a paper ballot which they sign.  They write the number of the artwork (one only) they think best represents the theme and give it to the Monthly Challenge Chair. Voting takes place during the mid-meeting break.


Unsigned ballots will not be counted. 


Artists may vote for their own artwork.

                While the Monthly Challenges volunteer counts the votes, the artworks are shown and the artists talk about their art and their interpretation of the theme.  There may be short critiques.  If there is time after all the Challenge pieces have been discussed, other artworks related to the theme may be shown and discussed (attention any artist who brought more than one piece because they couldn’t make up their mind which piece to show until the last minute!).

                The winners are announced after the artworks have been shown and discussed. 

There may be ties for first, second, and third place. 

                Points are awarded as follows: 

                 10 points for (all) first place

                7 points for (all) second place

                 5 points for (all) third place

                 2 points for all other participants

Although it is hoped that new artworks will be created for each Monthly Challenge, older pieces which interpret the theme are permitted.


Artists are encouraged to suggest Monthly Challenge themes.

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