The Artists' Society of Dearborn (ASD) was established by a small group of artists in 1949 with Pansy Taylor elected as the first president (an annual award is named after her).  During its early evolution, it was also successively known with its present name, as the Art Institute of Dearborn, and as the Dearborn Arts and Crafts.  In 1999, in honor of its 50th anniversary, the group restored the original name. 

   Throughout its history, the Society has maintained its primary goal to enrich the cultural life of the community by stimulating interest in fine arts and crafts.

The Artists' Society of Dearborn is one of the oldest active organizations of the Dearborn Community Arts Council, founded in 1969.  ASD members participate regularly in the cultural, educational and fund-raising projects of the Council, and support special projects related to the promotion and preservation of local historical sites and events. 

   Their individual and collective contributions have been recognized with the reception of several Arts Awards.

   Exhibits of several art categories are held in April and November at the Rotunda Gallery of the Henry Ford Centennial Library.  A 'Summer Showcase' exhibit featuring specific categories is also displayed there.  A mid-summer exhibit is also held at the Padzieski Gallery in the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center.  Also, several members participate independently in State, National and International art exhibits.

    Our membership year is September through the following May.  We meet in September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May, on the 4th Tuesday  of the month and usually at 7:00pm.  Information about upcoming meetings can be found in the newsletter, The Brushmark, which all members receive a week or two in advance of each meeting.  Activities at our meetings vary and include challenge projects, guest speakers and critiques.  For our May meeting, we celebrate our annual "Birthday Dinner", which is great fun.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

What you will gain with membership

  1. Fellowship with other artists

  2. Exhibition opportunities several times a year (with a Full Membership) 

  3. Fun activities and challenge projects

  4. Lots of new friends! 

  5. The Brushmark newsletter

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