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April 2021 challenge




1st place -

Janet Grant, Mick Mastal, Vivian Longfellow and Gail Churchill

2nd place -

Vasundhara Tolia and Sharlene Welton

3rd place -

Elena Adam, Victoria Shepperd and Paul Zonca.

Thanks to all who participated and voted!



"Reverie" by Vasundhara Tolia.

Acrylics. 48x30x1.5"

"...This painting represents the need for humanity to merge and identify with nature to protect it for our future generations. It was made in response to an Ekphrastic challenge and while thinking about the poem, I wanted to represent our need to be more aware of maintaining health of our planet rather than a relaxing, enchanting evening. I believe I achieved both perspectives..."


"Valeria" by Elena Adam.

Watercolors. 11x14"

"... Watercolor portraits were always a high mountain for me, and one day I decided to try it. My niece allowed me to use her photo. This is my first attempt of a portrait using just watercolors and nothing else..."

Spring Reflection.jpg


"Spring Reflection" by Janet Grant.

Watercolors. 16x20"

"...This is a scene from Ford Field, Dearborn.  Since it is a water media challenge, I wanted some water in it..."



 "Pandemic Walks 2020: Favorite Things" by Sharlene Welton.

Carand'ache Water-soluble Color Wax Pastels on cardboard. 8x10"

"...During 2020, my grandson and I took walks though the neighborhood and collected items of interest. When we returned home, we created art inspired by our found objects..."

Heritage Park.jpg


"Heritage Park" by James Rodriguez

Acrylic on Canvas Board

11 x 14"

"...The combination of Plein Air, Acrylic paint and an Impressionistic style is a departure from my more deliberate oil work. This was painted recently on a chilly spring day. The brisk air invigorates the brush and the soul..."


"Self portrait" by David Gorden.


"...This 'unfinished' work from 2009 was later finished but I've always liked this version better..." 

Self Portrait 09B.JPG
unnamed (1).jpg


"Experimental Mark Making" by Victoria Shepperd


Watercolor, pastel stick and ink. Intuitive exploration of mark making using brushes, twigs and found objects.  

"...Everything I do is experimental...) "


"Fox" by Mick Mastal

8”x10” mixed media paper,  done with Tom Bow pens and India ink

image0 (1).jpeg
April Challenge ASD.jpeg


"Solitary Rose" by Paul Zonca

Water Color and Gouache. 9x12"


"...A solitary rose at it fullest opening.The rose was a gift to my wife from her best friend for Easter..." 


"Garden Flowers" by Vivian Dono Longfellow.

Watercolors. 22x30"

"...The lead glass crystal vase was a gift from my mother in I use it a lot in my watercolors..."

DSCN0256 (2).JPG


"Rainbow Hibiscus" by Donna Gonzalez

Watercolor on Arches paper. 10x7"


"...I had taught my Intermediate Watercolor students earlier this month about Georgia O'Keeffe. While my students were busy painting a flower in O'Keefe's style, I joined them in painting this flower, so as to pass the time away..."  


"Italian Window" by Gail Churchill

Watercolor and ink pen. 9x12"


"...I love the way the Italians utilize their windows in such an aesthetic way.  We can’t travel there now but we can dream!.."

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