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The Dearborn Historical Museum has extended it suspension of events until July 12th as has the City.  There'll be no 'Beer Tasting' event and as you've probably heard, there'll be no Dearborn Homecoming this year.  

While the shutdown and stay-at-home order continued through May, DHM staff stayed busy working remotely and bringing our supporters more historical resources online. We were excited to debut several online exhibits focusing on topics such as Dearborn's mayors and the history of Memorial Day in Dearborn. Please take a look if you have not seen them already and let us know if you have any ideas for new online exhibits!

Looking forward to June, the DHM staff is hard at work planning for the Museum's reopening to the public, researchers, and volunteers. The planning process is being undertaken with safety foremost in our minds and we are hopeful that we will be ready to once again open our doors as soon as we receive approval from the City and State government.

In the meantime, you can keep posted on our online content by visiting our website or by following us on Facebook. Please help spread the word about what the Museum has to offer and as always, thank you for supporting local history!


Next ASD General meeting  will be hold in September. Stay tuned.


Art for Animals



is now open! 


 For 31 years, our Art for Animals contest has provided an opportunity for artists of all skills and ages to create images that inspire others to extend compassion, respect and justice for all animals.  We would be honored if you shared your talent with us this year! 



The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2020.


For more information, please visit our web-site at


September theme -


Attention ASD Artists!

The remaining canvas that was not used at the Floorcloth Challenge is available for purchasing.

 You can contact Janet Dale to request a section and arrange to pick up their fabric. You can then pay via the ASD PayPal account and print out the receipt or pay Jan directly. If you use PayPal, you must give Jan a copy of the receipt in order to pick up. The price is $1 per square foot.  Jan will keep track of the 2.5 yards that we still have and issue receipts for each person who pays her directly.

Since you will be purchasing it for your own use, it makes sense that you can use it for whatever purpose you wish.

For Jan's and everybody's safety, please refrain if you or anyone in your household is sick.

Released for sale at

A funny, heartwarming adventure written and illustrated by a couple of Scottish Terrier lovers, A Tail of Two Scotties tells the story of Piper and Mac, stubborn Scotties who are opposites in many ways. When their human family takes a trip to Grandma’s farm without the dogs, the terriers are none-too-happy about missing out on a visit to their favorite getaway spot.

Managing to escape from their house, Piper and Mac decide to make their way to Grandma’s on their own, encountering a series of dangers on their long journey. And with both of them being leaders rather than followers, this presents the Scotties with some major challenges.

Whether the independent canines can overcome their differences is anyone‘s guess in this fast-moving doggie tail!

Written by David Schecter

Illustrated by ASD artist

Elena Adam

Order at

Dear Artists! 

You can pay your yearly ASD fees via PayPal now, using this link:

or the PayPal button on the Contact ASD page on this website.


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