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2021 Summer Showcase: Watermedia and 3D

The 2021 Summer Showcase, tentatively scheduled for July in the Rotunda Gallery at the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn, will focus on 3D and watermedia of all kinds: watercolor, gouache, ink paintings (not pen-and-ink drawings though), watercolor pencil as watercolor, any artwork that reads as watercolor.  Ink may be added to watercolors or other watermedia as long as the artwork reads as a watercolor. 

Watercolor paintings are traditionally matted and framed under a protective cover (acrylic or polymer for the Rotunda Gallery).  Remember that the Rotunda Gallery has dark green, almost black marble walls and mat and frame accordingly. Hanging wires are required on all pieces.

Special rules for the Summer Showcase:

The artworks can be more than two years old;

Pieces can have been shown at an ASD show in the past;

Challenge pieces are acceptable as always;

The number of pieces an artist may exhibit depends on how many artists participate so prepare about five of your best pieces: this number may change as we see how many people will participate;

Email Pam Sayre ( AND Dave Gorden ( with your name and the titles of your artwork (have a price in mind, but do not count on being able to sell directly from the Rotunda Gallery – prepare business cards if you like that maybe could be hung near the art).

Due to the continuing Covid protocols, it's unknown until mid-June if we will be able to have a Summer Showcase this year, so prepare early and be patient. The information about the exhibit and if the art can be sold directly from the Rotunda Gallery or if you should post business cards near your art will be available later.

Installation rules: the installation will probably be between 9 and 11 am on a Friday as it was with the 2021 ASD Spring Exhibit.

Bring your art in ideally within the first half hour but certainly in the first hour so we can get started early (contact Pam if there is a problem AFTER she confirmes the time and date);

All 2D work must have a hanging wire on the back and be matted and framed appropriately with NO glass;

Only six members of the “hanging crew” will be allowed to stay in the Library (let Pam know if you’d like to be on the hanging crew with her – she needs five more people);

All other artists will just come in to drop off their work and then leave;

Masks and social distancing as much as possible are required, as is the health survey and temperature check upon entry to the Library.

Dear Artists! 

You can pay your yearly ASD fees via PayPal now, using this link:

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